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About us

About us

Mobies Tech is a Tech Blog that Focus on Mobiles, Laptops and Other Tech Gadgets. Our Aim is to Provide You Full Information about the New Launch of Smartphones and Other Tech Gadgets So that You remain Up to Date with this Technology World. We also Provide Reviews of Gadgets and Mobiles which will help you to Pick the Right One in your Budget. Upcoming smartphone launches to Every detailed Review Mobies Tech is Your One Stop Destination for Tech.

Unboxing Knowledge

Hello Guys I am Neeraj Premani from Unboxing Knowledge YouTube Channel and I am Running this Tech blog with my Friend raghav and I have an Experience of 3 Years in Online Blogs and Videos. I have Started my Online Journey with My YouTube Channel and Now I have strated Mobies Tech so that I can also Share my Knowledge with You Guys in the form of Articles. I am a Mobiles and Tech Gadgets geek who loves to Learn about Technology. Come Join My Journey:-)

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Raghav bhati

Hello Guys I am raghav bhati from blog and I'm working on 2 Youtube channels and 1 more website. This blog running with my friend Neeraj. I have 1  year experience in mobile and technology. I have started my online journey with my YouTube channel  ( Unboxing Forever ) and now I have started 3 blogs on blogger. So that I can also share my knowledge in Technology with you guys in the form of articles and youtube videos.
I'm also a app developer. I have knowledge in thunkable , kodular but no knowledge in Android studio.

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